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I'm back!

2008-03-17 15:19:23 by PicosGhost

Heeeeeeeeere's JOHNNY! Yep, that's right, I'm back and better than ever. I took a long break, a hiatus if you will, from flash and NG altogether. But I'm back. I plan on making another flash or two very soon. I've got my story worked out for one, but no work done, and my work done for another, but no story! haha. Troublesome conundrum. I'm most likely gonna just be working with sprites though. But for those of you who have seen "Samus and Company", you know I have a knack for animating sprites :P Well, that's it! I look forward to reviews and votes on my flashes!


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2008-04-28 05:15:06

Hey man, I left you a PM, but I dunno what happened with that...

Anyway, I could probably help with a story, and I think I remember some story line I gave you a "few years ago", but whatever it is, I forgot what it was.

I don't know whats wrong with me, I can think of stuff for other people, but when it come's to self benifencial ideas, nothing pops up... but anyway, I could probably make up a story for you if you told me what sprites you might be wanting to use.

Gotta go, gotta get some sleep for school, and have nightmares from watching Catacombs.